July 23, 1947: British Attacked in New Battle of Jerusalem


July 23, 1947, British Attacked

Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project.

British Attacked
in New Battle
of Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, July 22 (AP)—A new “Battle of Jerusalem” roared tonight.

Machinegun fire, Molotov cocktails and road mines set off a new wave of violence which in eight days has taken a toll of eight killed and 57 wounded.
Sirens wailed three times in the Holy City today, twice for minor incidents and a third time for what appeared to be a big underground offensive.

In the gathering dusk, troops and police answered with a hail of machinegun fire attacks which were launched simultaneously on an army pay corps officer in the former Surian Orphanage, on the Mustashpha police station and its nearby billet at the eastern edge of Jerusalem and on a Royal Air Force mobile patrol touring the curfewed Mea Shearim (Jewish) quarters.

…A textile shop was burned in the Jewish quarter when three armored cars and four Bren gun carriers laid a barrage on it in answer to earlier fire from attackers. Owner of the shop is the father of one of three Irgun Zvai Leumi members awaiting the gallows for the May 4 Acre prison raid.

Transport Sunk
by Blast in
Haifa Harbor

JERUSALEM, July 23 (AP)—The former Liberty ship Empire Lifeguard was sunk in Haifa harbor by an internal explosion today while discharging legal Jewish immigrants from Cyprus. It apparently was a blow of revenge for the ship’s part in deportations of would-be immigrants.

Jewish sources voiced fears that the British military may crack down harder on all Jewry as a result of the new terror offensive which in the past week has taken a toll of eight killed and more than 60 wounded.

The Lifeguard had brought 261 immigrants from Cyprus and had discharged all but 40 or 50. These were taken off safely. The pattern of attack suggested that it was the work of Hagana, the illegal Jewish militia which has undertaken the organization of immigration against British wishes.

Los Angeles Times, July 23-24, 1947

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