The @NYTIMES Can’t Get L.A. Right

“California Today,” by Tim Arango and Charles McDermid, presents a strange bit of nonsense: The Mirror (the sister paper of the Los Angeles Times published in the afternoon) folded “partly because the old streetcars went away as the city embraced the automobile.”

Actually, no. The Mirror was killed off in 1962 on the same day that Hearst folded the morning Examiner into the evening Herald-Express to create the Herald Examiner. It was an arranged deal to carve up the city’s morning and afternoon newspaper circulation. The demise of the streetcars had nothing to do with it. Zero.

Look, @NYTimes, this isn’t that hard. The information is readily available online.


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  1. Anne Papineau says:

    I want to see the meeting room Picassos

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