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Black Dahlia: When New York Times Reporters Rely on Faulty Memories

Do reporters check the clips when writing for publication? Or do they rely on a faulty memory? In the case of Jill Abramson, reviewing Carl Bernstein’s Chasing History for the New York Times, faulty memory wins out, along with a … Continue reading

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L.A. Noir: Will Someone Please Get the New York Times a Map of Los Angeles?

The New York Times has published a “guide” to “Where Noir Lives in the City of Angels.” With text by Gal Beckerman. And take a good look at the graphic by Ross MacDonald (no, not that Ross MacDonald; he’s dead). … Continue reading

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The @NYTIMES Can’t Get L.A. Right

“California Today,” by Tim Arango and Charles McDermid, presents a strange bit of nonsense: The Mirror (the sister paper of the Los Angeles Times published in the afternoon) folded “partly because the old streetcars went away as the city embraced … Continue reading

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Can Wikipedia Survive? Oh, I Hope Not

Behind the boosterism of this opinion piece by Andrew Lih in the New York Times (“it is by far the world’s most popular reference site” – notice that he doesn’t call it the world’s most accurate reference site) are some … Continue reading

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A summary of history-related posts on the Web: Chicago Tribune The Trib has an item on the Children’s Museum remaining at Navy Pier rather than moving to Grant Park as the facility is transferred to private management. Here’s the Trib’s … Continue reading

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Detour to 1904

  Saturday’s New York Times features an article by Craig R. Whitney about the enormous pipe organ at Macy’s in Philadelphia, a massive instrument from the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair that was built in Los Angeles. And indeed, the … Continue reading

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