Historic L.A. in ‘Illegal’ | Part 3

Illegal, 1955

Here’s another shot of the California State Building lobby and the bank of elevators as Hugh Marlowe exits.

Illegal, 195

Hugh is turning left, so we can see …

Illegal, 1955
… the telephone booths.

Illegal, 1955
Call for Hugh Marlowe!

Illegal, 1955
Edward G. Robinson walks up the steps of the California State Office Building … is that the brand-new Parker Center in the background?

Illegal, 1955

This appears to be shooting toward Spring Street with Parker Center in the background.

Illegal, 1955

And a better view of the entrance …

Illegal, 1955
And the revolving door.

Illegal, 1955

Illegal, 1955
And another shot of First Street, showing the Los Angeles Times Building, the Daily Journal and Bancroft Whitney Co. A bit farther to the right was the Redwood.

To be continued.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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2 Responses to Historic L.A. in ‘Illegal’ | Part 3

  1. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    What striking Art Deco elevators!


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