Black Dahlia: ‘Horror at the Cecil Hotel’


Just a quick reminder, since Investigation Discovery aired the first episode of “Horror at the Cecil Hotel” last night.

There is nothing to show that Elizabeth Short (“the Black Dahlia”) ever set foot in the Cecil Hotel. She was last seen at the Biltmore. The Cecil Hotel claim is a relatively recent urban legend.

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2 Responses to Black Dahlia: ‘Horror at the Cecil Hotel’

  1. I watched the first episode, and it was pretty “blah.” It didn’t even begin to approach the premise hinted at in the commercials, that there is something inherently evil about the hotel itself or the land it was built on that has facilitated all of the murder and mayhem through the years. Putting Elizabeth Short’s photo in the commercial and using a snippet of recreation footage (which looked to be from the “American Horror Story” Dahlia episode) to suggest that she was killed in the hotel is pretty sad.


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