Black Dahlia and the Cecil Hotel — Another Good Story Ruined


I don’t know how this nonsense gets started. There is nothing to show that Elizabeth Short ever set foot in the Cecil Hotel, as claimed by KABC-TV Channel 7.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear:



No, this is utterly untrue. It’s 11 miles from the Cecil Hotel to 39th and Norton. And again, there is nothing to show Elizabeth Short ever set foot in the place.

Let’s have some fun and see if this little nugget of nonsense has made its way into Wikipedia. Any bets? Amazingly enough, the answer is no. Or at least not yet.

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18 Responses to Black Dahlia and the Cecil Hotel — Another Good Story Ruined

  1. JAMES says:

    Just think of all the murders we could solve if we could just talk to ghosts!


  2. Eve says:

    Helen Gurnee jumped onto the hotel’s marquis? I imagine marquess glared through her lorgnette and said, “well, REALLY!”


  3. Joe Vogel says:

    ABC still doing the Eyewitless News after all these years, I see.


  4. Duane Laible says:


    Are you actually trying to tell me that local TV “news” is inaccurate or sensationalized? Shirley you jest.


  5. Charles Seims says:

    The Cecil Hotel is a place where even the roaches carry guns for protection.


  6. J'aime Rubio says:

    Don’t you just hate when ridiculous information gets put out there on the internet?! I love that you call people out on it. I do the same thing. I get so irate when people post wrong information about individuals or events in history, because it only dilutes and further confuses people from the truth. Keep up the good work Larry!


  7. “Koston Alderete, a Riverside boy with a love of scary films and ghost stories, took the picture, which shows a ghostly figure outside a fourth floor window. He says it looks a little too real.” Now why wouldn’t a serious journalist jump on this?


    • lmharnisch says:

      The short answer is that a story like this is “SEO-licious,” referring to “Search Engine Optimization.” That’s a code phrase for trying to manipulate Google through the use of certain subjects, keywords or whatever is trending at the moment. A sample headline that is SEO-licious might be: “Justin Bieber sex tape, sriracha plant, Grammys on City Council agenda with sewer bond measure, zoning for trailer park.”


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  11. Eric Winnert says:

    Watching the TV program Horror At The Cecil Hotel and they have just reinforced that Elizabeth Short was last seen at the Cecil Hotel Bar.


  12. Brian Hackert says:

    the black dahlia bunk HAS made it into wikipedia, albeit diluted to a rumor she drank in the bar once.


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