Black Dahlia: Can You Identify the Black Dahlia? (Updated)

Black Dahlia animated gif

I thought an animated gif of the two images would make it easier to see the similarities or differences between the two photos.

Which woman in the above images is Elizabeth Short?

1. Woman No. 1 is Elizabeth Short.
2. Woman No. 2 is Elizabeth Short.
3. Both women are Elizabeth Short.
4. Neither woman is Elizabeth Short.

At the end of a week, we have 13 votes for woman No. 2 as Elizabeth Short and 2 votes for both women being Elizabeth Short.

Woman No. 1 is a photo that Steve Hodel says he found in his father’s belongings and is of Elizabeth Short. Woman No. 2 is a known photo of Elizabeth Short.

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10 Responses to Black Dahlia: Can You Identify the Black Dahlia? (Updated)

  1. Pat van Hartesveldt says:



  2. Stacia says:

    1. Woman No. 1 is Elizabeth Short (I think!)


  3. Bud White says:

    I’ve compared the Hodel sleeping girl picture to Elizabeth Short; a B&W mirror image comparison of the hair line, shape of nose and freckle pattern indicate strongly that both pictures ARE Elizabeth Short.


  4. karen king says:

    To me it’s obvious that #2 is Elizabeth short, may she rest in peace.


  5. Earl Boebert says:

    FWIW Graphic Converter’s new facial recognition function does not match either face to Face #2 in the first post.


  6. mandymarie20 says:

    I gotta stick with 2. As to the facial recognition, not only do you have to be afraid of your identity being stolen and the image of your face used for nefarious purposes or stealing your stuff, but you have to worry about it not recognizing you when it really is you.


  7. Tami Harris says:

    Because the gif is constantly changing I can’t tell which is picture 1 and which is picture 2, so I will identify the two women as The Smiling woman and the sullen woman. The Smiling woman is definitely Elizabeth Short and the sullen woman (whose eyes are downcast) is definitely not Elizabeth Short. It infuriated me when Steve Hodel falsely identified the picture of the sullen woman as Elizabeth Short in his book. Larry can correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Elizabeth Short’s own sister said that the woman in the sullen woman photo was NOT her sister. I believe her statement completely debunked Steve hotels claim that the photo he found his father’s belongings was Elizabeth short and since that was a major part of his so-called proof that his father was the killer it called his entire theory into question for me. PS hi Larry from your long-lost friend in Sacramento


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