Movieland Mystery Photo (Update + + + +)


This week’s mystery movie has been the 1952 MGM picture “Above and Beyond,” starring Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker, with James Whitmore, Larry Keating, Larry Gates, Marilyn Erskine, Stephen Dunne, Robert Burton and Hayden Rorke. The screenplay was by Melvin Frank, Norman Panama and Beirne Lay Jr. from a story by Beirne Lay Jr. The music was by Hugo Friedhofer and conducted by Andre Previn. “Above and Beyond” was produced and directed by Melvin Frank and Norman Panama.

“Above and Beyond” is available from Warner Archive for $12.49.

Jan. 11, 2016, Mystery Photo

For Monday, we have a mystery gentleman.

Update: This is John McKee.

Jan. 12, 2016, Mystery Photo


And for Tuesday, we have another mystery gent.

Update: This is Jeff Richards.

Brain Trust roll call: Benito (mystery movie).

Jan. 13, 2016, Mystery Photo

For Wednesday…. Hey wait, how did you get in here?

Update: This is  Bruce Dern from the TV show “12 O’clock High.”

Jan. 13, 2016, Mystery Photo
No, no, no, no….. That’s not even the right type of aircraft.

Update: This is Robert Lansing and Paul Burke from the TV show “12 O’clock High.”

Jan. 13, 2016, Mystery Photo
Thank you, wise guy.

For Wednesday we have two mystery officers.

Update: This is Robert Burton, left, and Larry Keating.

Brain Trust roll call: Michael Ryerson (mystery movie and cast), Jenny M (mystery movie and guests), Mike Hawks (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mystery guest), Howard Mandelbaum (mystery movie and mystery guests) and LC (mystery movie and mystery cast).


Jan. 14, 2016, Mystery Photo
And for Thursday, we have a mystery woman.

Update: This is Marilyn Erskine and Eleanor Parker as Back of the Head Gal.

Brain Trust roll call: Dewey Webb (mystery movie and Wednesday’s mystery major general), Mike Hawks (Wednesday’s mystery generals), Earl Boebert (mystery movie and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s guests), Howard Mandelbaum (Wednesday’s mystery generals), Patrick (mystery movie and Wednesday’s mystery generals), Sheila (mystery movie, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s mystery guests), David Inman (mystery movie and Wednesday’s mystery major general) and Barbara Klein (mystery movie and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s mystery guests).

Jan. 15, 2016, Mystery Photo

And for Friday, we have Dorothy Tristan and Cliff Robertson in “Man on a Swing.”

Update: This Eleanor Park and Robert Taylor at the end of the movie.

Brain Trust roll call: Mike Hawks (Thursday’s mystery guests), Richard Wegescheide (mystery movie and mystery major general, plus mystery interlopers from a 1960s TV series), Howard Mandelbaum (Thursday’s mystery guests), Barbara Klein (Thursday’s mystery guests) and Michael Ryerson (Wednesday’s mystery generals and Thursday’s mystery guests).   And I’m sure Julie Merholz would have nailed this movie.

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43 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Update + + + +)

  1. Unfortunately, I cannot find any evidence Arthur Kennedy had a brother.


  2. skretvedt1958 says:

    Looks a little like William Holden, but that would be too easy!


  3. Don Danard says:

    I think it’s Ray Montgomery in film “Air Force”


  4. William says:

    James Arness


  5. Earl Boebert says:

    John Ireland and his B-29 in “Hell’s Horizon.”


  6. Benito says:

    That’s a flight engineer station for a B 29 or B 36. Is the movie ABOVE AND BEYOND 1952?


  7. Well, I’m going to go with Jeff Richards today and Jonathan Cott Monday to make this Above and Beyond (1952) with Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker and with the added bonus of Barbara Ruick (fresh from a star turn at the Motorama Auto Show at the Pan Pacific).


  8. Jenny M says:

    Monday – John McKee
    Tuesday – Jeff Richards
    Movie – Above and Beyond


  9. Mike Hawks says:

    I’ll give it a shot. Jeff Richards in ABOVE AND BEYOND.


  10. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    “Above and Beyond”
    Monday: John Close ( Enola Gay co-pilot)
    Tuesday: Jeff Richards (bombardier)


  11. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    No! Monday’s flight engineer in John McKee.


  12. LC says:

    This is Above and Beyond (1952) w/Robert Taylor, Eleanor Parker, James Whitmore, Larry Keating, Larry Gates, Jeff Richards…


  13. B.J.Merholz says:

    Julie was a long-time fan of the Mystery Photo and determined contributor who followed it as long as her health permitted. After a recent steep decline, she died yesterday. This is obviously not a reply, but a notice I thought you might appreciate; and maybe this blog post: ,


  14. Dewey Webb says:

    Larry Keating in ABOVE AND BEYOND


  15. Mike Hawks says:

    Say hello to Robert Burton and Larry Keating.


  16. Earl Boebert says:

    OK, let’s try another B-29: Enola Gay. “Above and Beyond,” 1952. Monday: Jack McKee as flight engineer Wyatt Duzenbury, Tuesday Jeff Richards as bombardier Thomas Ferebee, today Larry Keating and Robert Burton as a couple of general officers.

    The “Leper Colony” is from the famous sequence in “Twelve O’Clock High,” this shot from the TV show and not the movie. FWIW, that movie was shown to us USAF Officer Trainees as an exemplar of leadership style.

    And may I add my condolences to B.J.Merholz on his loss.


  17. Benito says:

    Hey Bruce Dern, why the long face? Maybe because the TV series 12 O’Clock High was cancelled so fast…


  18. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Robert Burton and Larry Keating.


  19. Patrick says:

    Robert Burton and Larry Keating in Above and Beyond from 1952.


  20. Sheila says:

    Tuesday is Jeff Richards, Wednesday the guy on the right is Larry Keating (from my town, St. Paul!), movie is ‘Above and Beyond’.


  21. David Inman says:

    Larry Keating is one of our men today, and my educated guess, you should excuse the expression, about the movie is “Above and Beyond.”


  22. William says:

    “12 O’clock High”…..If Im correct I remember seeing it 1st run as a kid in 1949, riding my bike to the theater by myself. I remember seeing Dean Jagger for the first time & was impressed, with him, otherwise the movie didnt do much for me at that young age.


  23. Barbara Klein says:

    “Above and Beyond”

    Monday – not sure, but could be John Pickard
    Tuesday – Jeff Richards
    Wednesday – Larry Keating and Robert Burton


  24. Mike Hawks says:

    I’ll bet Marilyn Erskine is talking to our leading lady.


  25. Richard Wegescheide says:

    I see Larry Keating as a two star general, so I’ll guess ‘Above and Beyond’. Bruce Dern and Paul Burke threw me for a loop also.

    Larry, Hope your enjoying retirement, and having success with the book.


  26. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Marilyn Erskine and the back of the lovely head of Eleanor Parker.


  27. Barbara Klein says:

    Marilyn Erskine (and Eleanor Parker)


  28. Today it’s going to be Marilyn Erskine talking some sense into (one would assume) Eleanor Parker’s pretty little head. Yesterday gives us Larry Keating serving up the official line to a thoughtful, and perhaps a bit dubious, Robert Burton.


  29. Ed says:

    Friday is Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker. The movie is about the A bomb


  30. Mike Hawks says:

    Eleanor Parker and Robert Taylor getting snuggly.


  31. And for Friday we have Eleanor Parker and Robert Taylor, two sleek and handsome actors at the peak of their powers, in the thoroughly predictable (and therefore satisfying) happy ending (a real stretch considering the story arc). Cue credits. Sheer curtain, main curtain, bring up house lights slowly.


  32. Charles Kjelland says:

    Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker in “Above and Beyond” today, James Whitmore, Larry Keating et al.


  33. Candy Cassell says:

    Ahhh, Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker playing Paul Tibbetts and his wife. It was one of my late husband´s favorite movies, I think it is ¨Above and Beyond¨. I recognized Larry Keating from earlier in the week but couldn´t recall his last name until earlier today. Thanks for sharing.


  34. Howard Decker says:

    Hey, big olde aeroplanes are expensive for a mere Tee Vee budget.


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