A Brief Delay


The Daily Mirror thanks its readers in advance for their patience.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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6 Responses to A Brief Delay

  1. Gretchen says:

    Ooh, I tried that too and it cost me a full half-day of productivity. I’ve been safely snuggled back up with Windows 7 since July 30. But if it works for you’ we’ll try again. Let us know!


    • lmharnisch says:

      I had no choice. The Daily Mirror’s new computer came with the ghastly Windows 8 and there was no getting away from it. I already installed Windows 10 on my laptop just to make sure Microsoft didn’t “break” anything and the legacy software and hardware worked OK, so I thought I would try it. Windows 8 is such an abomination I’m happy to get rid of it.


  2. Wikipedia says you should be well served with the change.


  3. moviepas says:

    I got a new computer set-up nearly a year ago and went from XP back to 7 which had been a failure in two machines and the guys at the shop got it right for me. They would not use my Windows Upgrade I bought. They preferred 7. I have the Windows 10 sitting there on the toolbar but I am not game to install it!!!!!


    • lmharnisch says:

      Windows XP has expired and although I have it on a couple of older computers, I rarely use them on the Internet. Like many businesses, we still use Windows 7 at work, but Microsoft is going to end its support eventually. Windows 8 had a steep learning curve and in comparison, Windows 10 is mild. Microsoft has eliminated some of the more annoying features of Windows 8, but you may still run into frustrations. I quit using the much-touted Edge after 5 minutes and went back to Internet Explorer because — guess what — I need a toolbar. And although I rely mainly on Firefox, it doesn’t play well with ProQuest, so I still need to use IE for that.

      Fortunately (so far) Windows 10 hasn’t broken any more legacy software or hardware, mainly my CanoScan, the only scanner under $1,000 that handles negatives and transparencies — and, of course, it isn’t made anymore and Canon stopped updating the drivers after Windows 7.


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