L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Drinking Guide — The Brooklyn Cocktail

March 5, 1937, Brooklyn Cocktail

March 7, 1937, Brooklyn Cocktail

Note: This is a repost from 2013.

Yes, the Manhattan cocktail once had competition from drinks named for the other boroughs. Here’s a recipe for the Brooklyn Cocktail, from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, March 7, 1937. The Brooklyn Cocktail as made by Brad Dewey consisted of

Two parts Jamaica rum
One part lime juice
Dash of grenadine

We won’t be toasting the new year with the Brooklyn Cocktail (we’re working) but if someone is brave enough to try one, let us know how it is.

And in case you are wondering, research shows that there was also a Bronx Cocktail. Evidently it, too, has fallen out of favor.

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3 Responses to L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Drinking Guide — The Brooklyn Cocktail

  1. Eve says:

    I’ll be toasting in the New Year with a Blue Marilyn, though I simplify it down to two parts peach vodka and one part blue curaçao (I leave out the sugar, bitters and the cherry Sucret).

    Since I have bronchitis, I may add a teaspoon of cough medicine and make it a Purple Marilyn.


  2. chrishansenhome says:

    The Bronx cocktail is a Perfect Martini (1/3 gin, 1/3 sweet vermouth, 1/3 dry vermouth) with orange bitters, a barspoonful of orange juice, with an orange peel garnish. I’ve had one, and it was quite tasty.


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