Los Angeles Celebrates Christmas, 1913

Dec. 25, 1913, Christmas in Los Angeles

Dec. 25, 1913, Christmas

Dec. 25, 1913: The Times carries a biblical passage across the nameplate (notice the artwork of the new and old Times buildings) and a Page 1 cartoon by Edmund Waller “Ted” Gale. “Cartoonist Gale” frequently drew a character known as Miss Los Angeles, but I don’t recall seeing “Mr. Wad” before. Gale was an institution at The Times for many years, but finally quit in a dispute and went to the Los Angeles Examiner.

One way Los Angeles celebrated Christmas 100 years ago was dinner at the Cafe Bristol, Spring and 4th streets.  The 50-cent luncheon deluxe would be $11.80 today.

Or one could take a refreshing, invigorating bath at Melrose Avenue and Gower Street, location of the Radium Sulphur Springs, which advertises: Drink the most radioactive natural curative mineral water.

And there’s a poem by Britain’s poet laureate, Robert Bridges, which you may recognize because John Denver turned it into a song, “Christmas Eve, 1913.”

Best wishes from the Los Angeles Daily Mirror.

Dec. 25, 1913, Christmas

Dec. 25, 1913, Christmas Poem

Dec. 25, 1913, Christmas in Los Angeles Dec. 25, 1913, Christmas in Los Angeles

In 1913, The Times nameplate included the new building, left, and the building destroyed in the 1910 Times bombing.

Dec. 25, 1913, Radium Solphur Springs

Dec. 25, 1913, Christmas at the Cafe Bristol

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5 Responses to Los Angeles Celebrates Christmas, 1913

  1. mandymarie20 says:

    I’m sure the Radium baths were ‘safe’. Nothing says Christmas like skin cancer.


  2. Benito says:

    What ever happened to those hot springs? Probably dumped into the storm drain. L.A. has other springs too, like the one at University H.S. in West L.A. Just curious because my honorable ancestors owned a similar resort in Virginia, minus the radioactivity. We hope.


  3. Carol Gwenn says:

    Dear Larry Harnisch:
    ladailymirror is a Christmas package EVERY day for all of us L.A. history buffs. It’s something I look forward to checking every day or so, just to see what goodies you’ve brought. So: thank you for all the work you put into the site, and VERY happy holidays to you.


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