Movieland Mystery Photo — B.J. Merholz Edition (Updated + + + +)


Oct. 25, 2014, Mystery Photo
This week’s mystery movie has been the 1942 Paramount film “Lucky Jordan,” starring Alan Ladd, Helen Walker, future TV producer Sheldon Leonard, Mabel Paige, Marie McDonald and Russell Hoyt. Anthony Caruso, better known for Star Trek’s “A Piece of the Action,” has a brief scene.   It was written by Darrell Ware and Karl Tunberg, based on a story by Charles Leonard.

Our thanks to B.J. Merholz for providing a copy of the film. As pre-1950 Paramount release, “Lucky Jordan” would be controlled by Universal, which is frequently criticized for neglecting its early Paramount movies.

B.J. says: I searched the Web for this copy of “Lucky Jordan.” Not good resolution but you might be able to lift some mystery photos. There is a very early scene with Ladd and a very young would-be double with some hat business that might work for one photo.

And several other notable character actors. Actually, I wonder how familiar Helen Walker might be. I like her a lot as a sort of Lauren Bacall without the star quality.

It is, nevertheless, a pleasant and unexpected 1942 espionage comedy, with a charming Ladd performance. In a way, it is a precursor to “Pickup on South Street.” I hope you like it.

Thanks, B.J.!

Oct. 25, 2014, Mystery Photo
Here’s the explanation on Alan Ladd being the right/wrong answer. In the film, Ladd plays gangster Lucky Jordan, left, who uses Eddie (Russell Hoyt) as a double to fool his enemies. In the opening scene, Eddie is killed in a botched assassination attempt. (IMDB says Hoyt was killed during World War II, although his name appears in Times clips after the war. California death records show that he died March 22, 1988, in Sacramento, so I have attempted to update IMDB.)

Oct. 20, 2014, Mystery Photo

This week’s mystery film is courtesy of B.J. Merholz.

Oct. 21, 2014, Mystery Photo

And for Tuesday, we have a mystery woman … with a bottle.

Please congratulate Victor H. Brown, Don Danard and dlhartzog for having the wrong answer … and the right answer. Puzzled? All will become clear in a few days.

Oct. 22, 2014, Mystery Photo

And for Wednesday, we have two mystery people.

Please congratulate Dewey Webb (Tuesday’s mystery woman), dlhartzog (mystery movie and mystery woman) William (wrong mystery actor/right mystery actor) and Larry Miller (wrong mystery actor/right mystery actor). By the end of the week, you will understand the “wrong mystery actor/right mystery actor” business. Really.

Oct. 23, 2014, Mystery Photo

And for Thursday, we have this mystery gent.

Please congratulate Mary Mallory (right/wrong Monday mystery guest), Dewey Webb (mystery movie and Monday’s mystery guest), dlhartzog (Wednesday’s mystery guests), Don Danard (mystery movie, Wednesday’s mystery guests) and William (Mystery movie and mystery guests).

As for the “right/wrong” mystery guest, all will become clear. Trust me.

Oct. 24, 2014, Myswtery Photo

And for Friday, we have a mystery woman with a (totally not) mystery gent holding a shotgun.

Please congratulate David Hartzog (Thursday’s mystery gent), Don Danard (Thursday’s mystery gent) and Valley Dave (mystery movie and mystery guests).

Oct. 25, 2014, Mystery Photo

And I couldn’t finish the week without posting a photo of you-know-who.

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32 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo — B.J. Merholz Edition (Updated + + + +)

  1. B.J.Merholz says:

    Great screen grab; and even I don’t know the name of this handsome chap and am curious to learn.


    • B.J.Merholz says:

      Now I know. Russell Hoyt. IMDB states that he died on July 4, 1945 in the Philippines.


      • lmharnisch says:

        Yes, except imdb is wrong. Hoyt died in 1988 in Sacramento, according to California death records. He also continued acting after the war, but on stage rather than in film. I submitted a correction to imdb but who knows if they will use it.


      • B.J.Merholz says:

        Very interesting. Given his good looks (I kinda looked like that in my teens) and easy manner, I thought it curious that he didn’t have more of a movie career.. I appreciate your update. I also enjoyed the fun you seemed to have with your cropping of the screen capture. It was a great grab with an amusing result.


      • lmharnisch says:

        Thanks for the film!


  2. Gary Martin says:

    Well, that’s a Rosalind Russell hat.


  3. Don Danard says:

    Looks like a very young Alan Ladd.


  4. dlhartzog says:

    Mabel Page. Lucky Jordan?


  5. william says:

    Monday…Alan Ladd


  6. Larry Miller says:

    Alan Ladd?


  7. Earl Boebert says:

    Tuesday is Esther Howard as the alcoholic Jessie Florian in “Murder, My Sweet” based on the Chandler classic “Farewell, My Lovely.”


  8. Mary Mallory says:

    Looks like Alan Ladd Monday and Barbara Bel Geddes today.


  9. deweywebb says:

    Mon. Russell Hoyt in Lucky Jordan


  10. dlhartzog says:

    Wednesday, Helen Walker and Miles Mander.


  11. Don Danard says:

    The man resembles Miles Mander but don’t know the lady.


  12. Don Danard says:

    By the way, is the lady Helen Walker?


  13. Don Danard says:

    Well, I cheated, but it’s “Lucky Jordan”. The ‘older’ lady is Mabel Paige.


  14. william says:

    “Lucky Jordan” 1942, wednesday…..Helen Walker


  15. william says:

    Monday “hand” holding hat is Alan Ladd. Alan Ladd “double” (Russell Hoyt) is the look-alike fully pictured & who gets murdered soon after. Tuesday woman with liquor is Mabel Paige


  16. DeweyWebb says:

    Mon: That’s Alan Ladd’s hand! (Please, no more Back Of Hand Mystery Guests)


  17. Don Danard says:

    I’d say today’s Mystery Man is John Wengraf.


  18. ValleyDave says:

    Here go my guesses: Monday: Alan Ladd, Tuesday: Mabel Paige, Wednesday:
    Helen Walker with Miles Mander, Thursday: John Wengraf. Movie: “Lucky Jordan.”


  19. Gary Martin says:

    Well, yes, Alan Ladd. Is she Priscilla Lane and so is this Brother Rat and a Baby?


  20. Patrick says:

    Didn’t get it until I matched up John Wengraf yesterday with Alan Ladd today. “Lucky Jordan” from 1942.


  21. dlhartzog says:

    Marie MacDonald and Alan Ladd


  22. Mary Mallory says:

    Sheldon Leonard today.


  23. dlhartzog says:

    Great quiz, thanks.


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