1944 in Print — Hollywood by Sidney Skolsky, April 30, 1944

April 30, 1944, Carole Landis

Note: This is the last of the Sidney Skolsky columns for a while. There are no online issues of the Miami News for May 1944, so that’s it until June. What do you think of Skolsky? Is he a keeper?

April 30, 1944

HOLLYWOOD, April 29 — The movies have aided the war in many ways. American Cinematographer explains that Wallace Beery’s picture “Hell Divers” “is more responsible than any other factor for the design and principles of the present aerial machine gun movie camera.”

From the Miami News.



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4 Responses to 1944 in Print — Hollywood by Sidney Skolsky, April 30, 1944

  1. Gary Martin says:

    I remember reading sidney some years back. I always liked that he had a genuine wit…and I suspected that not many other readers “got it.” …in other words he appealled to me on a very personal level. (That is if there are two L’s in appealled.If not I stand uncorrected).


  2. Cal and Lulu says:

    Keep Skolsky ? Why not?


  3. Jo Anne says:

    I am not feeling it, I was happy when you brought Skolsky back but I just am not impressed


  4. Benito says:

    Skolsky “filters” and spins less than the other gossip columnists, so he’s a keeper. PS TCM recently showed Hell Divers [1931]. Clark Gable was also in that movie. Excellent camera work aboard the biplanes and the USS Saratoga, a converted cruiser. We even see a dirigible land on and take off from her deck!


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