1944 in Print — Life Magazine, March 13, 1944

March 13, 1944, Life Magazine

March 13, 1944: Ted Barnes and Grace Lee Butler are featured in the cover story on “Junior Dance.” The featured photographer is Philippe Halsman, who has a photo essay on musicians. This week’s movie is “The Purple Heart.” Courtesy of Google.


Gracie Allen has tips on being a good wife!

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2 Responses to 1944 in Print — Life Magazine, March 13, 1944

  1. Eve says:

    Whatever happened to Ted and Grace Lee, I wonder? Did they even like each other, or was this a LIFE-setup date? I guess Ted was too young to be drafted–did he regret that for the resat of his life or go off to Korea? Did he and Grace Lee keep in touch, even after Grace Lee moved off to Greenwich Village and got involved with those beatniks and existentialists and started playing the bongos?


  2. Benito says:

    A sweet wedding on pages 89 to 95. The bride, actress Kim Hunter, later played the long suffering Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire on Broadway and in the movie, winning an Academy Award. The groom was a Marine pilot stationed in El Toro, CA. They honeymooned in Laguna Beach, posing on the rocky beaches for the Life photographers. So, Orange County connections! The couple divorced only two years later, leaving me to wonder if the whole thing was a studio PR job, or, more likely, another quickie wartime romance that blew up in peace time.


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