1944 in Print — ‘Walter Winchell on Broadway,’ Feb. 28, 1944

Feb. 28, 1944, Walter Winchell

Feb. 28, 1944

Man With a Press Pass in His Hat

At about 8:30 the other Monday night (during a heavy rainstorm) a packed Amsterdam Avenue trolley stopped at 128th Street. The conductor got out — went to a bar and grill — ordered two sandwiches and a beer — while the passengers waited 20 minutes…. The newsreel theater in Grand Central Station. It features a clock to the right of the screen … The clock is set two minutes fast — so spectators won’t miss trains.

Broadway Story: His name is Harvey Grant and those who have enjoyed his thrushing believe he is another Sinatra … A radio columnist, for example … He heard the newcomer and went mad about his style of crooning … You probably read about him in his colyum last week … He used all the superlatives in the dictionary … But the boy’s first writeup was no joy for him … The colyumist had been misinformed on the name … He kept calling him Harvey James — instead of Harvey Grant … Now for the rest of his life — he’ll use the James handle — so his kin and his friends will believe the writeup was for him.

Drew Pearson (whose sizzlers on some senators were not syndicated by his employers) is considering forming his own syndicate!

From the St. Petersburg Times.

Feb. 28, 1944, Walter Winchell

Feb. 28, 1944, Walter Winchell

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