1944 in Print — ‘Walter Winchell on Broadway,’ Feb. 9, 1944


Feb. 9, 1944: Al Jolson is Jinx Falkenberg’s most constant visitor at her St. Luke’s Hospital bedside…. New Yorkers suspect that Wayne (wife-killer) Lonergan’s sudden coin (to hire a lawyer) came from men named in her diary … Betty Hutton is Capt. C. Gable’s morale builder this week … Rumor says more than 50 bars and grills in town may be refused their license renewals by March 1. Because of trading in the sepia market.

Hollywoodites are depressed over “where to move now?” because of rumors that the Air Force will take over a score of coast hotels, including the two top ones in Beverly Hills.

Warning: Some pressure outfits are plotting to foment race disturbances by causing a series of inflammatory incidents in nearly all the prominent New York hotels … The program may even be extended to a nationwide basis. Certain persons are being coached in what to say and do in lobbies and cafes.

From the St. Petersburg Times.

Feb. 9, 1944, Walter Winchell

Feb. 9, 1944, Walter Winchell

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