1944 in Print — Life Magazine, Jan. 3, 1944

Life magazine, Jan. 3, 1944

Jan. 3, 1944: Google has thoughtfully scanned Life magazine for 1944. Here’s the first issue of the year.

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  1. Cal and Lulu says:

    Thank you for bringing Life Magazine to life! Reading these articles, looking at the pictures and reading the ads should explain why the generation was termed the greatest. I should also serve as a touchstone for the rest of us to see how the country’s values have changed, ( not necessarily in a positive way) Please keep these coming. We will no only read them, but study them.
    Thanks again.


  2. Cal and Lulu says:

    Re: Life Magazine Issue January 3, 1944
    Whoever takes the time to read the articles in life and other publications of the time about the great army generals and “puts two and two together” will see how great these men were and the leadership that they exhibited, which not only held our country together, but the Western World. These men, with the strategic support of the country’s brave women are all heroes. It is very sad to us that the current political leadership in this country has diluted the value of the military and it’s great contribution to our society and our way of life. Their sacrifices and what they fought for looks very different today in an ungrateful and benign society. While some of the most current rhetoric of our, so called, leadership today, acknowledges them, the actions of our contemporary leaders and their ardent followers exhibits shallow behavior to those who are left from the “greatest generation” who saw both worlds and know the difference.


    • lmharnisch says:

      It’s difficult to absorb so much reading — and the radio shows. But it’s worthwhile at least sampling some of the magazines and the radio shows. I have listened to random old radio shows before but I have never gone through them in chronological order. And in just a few days of going through them daily I am picking up on the housing shortage, references to income taxes and even the same songs (“Shoo-Shoo, Baby”). I’ve never done anything quite like this before but it’s interesting.


  3. Benito says:

    Alaska became safe for dames and skis by Jan. 1944, but only after fierce fighting in the Aleutian Islands from 1942 until May 1943. For kicks, check out the classic “Alaska: Death Trap For The Jap” propaganda poster.


  4. aryedirect says:

    This is an exquisite gift for all of us. Thank you ‘Life’, Google, and Larry.


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