Take the L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey — Responses Closed

Jack Webb, William Conrad, "-30-"

Jack Webb and William Conrad phone in their answers to the L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey.

Update 2: Today’s the last day to express your thoughts in the Daily Mirror Reader Survey. And stay tuned for the results.

Update: More than 100 L.A. Daily Mirror readers have taken the survey and the results are most gratifying! I’m going to run it a few more days for any stragglers in the crowd, but I suspect I have already received the bulk of responses.

So far, the most essential item is the mystery photo, which I assumed, but it’s nice to have some data to show just how popular it is.

Readers — a lot of them — would like book reviews. And so would I, but the challenge is finding the time to do them, as in our oft-repeated lament: “So many stories, only one Larry Harnisch.”

I’ll publish more detailed results when the survey closes in a few days. And thanks for reading!

I have asked for readers’ feedback in the past, but I have never gone so far as to conduct a survey. This is my first attempt at writing a poll, so if I have omitted one of your favorite features or blogs, it’s entirely an oversight.

What we’re looking for is what works and what we could do better. There’s an open question at the end where you can write to us.

The L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey is open through December and results will be posted in January.

CLICK HERE to take the L.A. Daily Mirror Reader Survey.

And thanks!

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