Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + +)

Nov. 4, 2013, Mystery Photo
And for Monday, a mystery lad.

Nov. 5, 2013, Mystery Photo

And for Tuesday, a couple of mystery ladies.

Please congratulate Kent for identifying the movie and mystery lad; Julie Merholz (movie and mystery lad); Patrice Roe (movie and mystery lad); Mary Mallory (movie and mystery lad); Don Danard (movie and mystery lad); Dan (movie and mystery lad); Sarah (movie and mystery lad); Jenny M (movie and mystery lad); Dennis Gilliam (movie and mystery lad); Megan (mystery lad); Gregory Moore (movie and mystery lad); Eve (movie and mystery lad); June (movie and mystery lad); Greg Clancey (movie and mystery lad); Mike Hawks (movie and mystery lad); Patrick — who claims sleep deprivation for his earlier incorrect entry — (movie and mystery lad); Suzanne Annette Stone;¬† ValleDave (movie and mystery lad); Veikko Suvanto (movie and mystery lad); Chrisbo (movie and mystery lad); and David Inman (movie and mystery lad).

And to MK Buzzell (movie and mystery lad), who says “Too easy!” Rest assured that Back of the Head Guy is clamoring for a return appearance.

Nov. 6, 2013, Mystery Photo

And for Wednesday, our mystery lad has some rather morose mystery friends.

Dennis Gilliam, Patrick, Mary Mallory¬† (half credit) and Chrisbo have identified our mystery ladies from Tuesday. Mary also requests “Let’s have more silents!” What do you say?

Nov. 7, 2013, Mystery Photo

And for Thursday, a mystery woman peering out a window.

Wednesday’s mystery folks were identified by Patrick, Don Danard, Mary Mallory, Dennis Gilliam, Chrisbo, Mike Hawks, Karen, Rick and Rick Scott. Congratulations!

Nov. 8, 2013, Mystery Photo

And for Friday, three chaps.

Please congratulate Patrick, Chrisbo,¬† Mary Mallory, Don Danard, Benito and Mike Hawks for identifying Thursday’s mystery woman. Hawks says: “XXXX is about to have a very bad day.”

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58 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + +)

  1. Kent says:

    Bobby Henrey in “Fallen Idol”


  2. juliemerholz says:

    Bobby Henrey


  3. Patrice Roe says:

    Bobby Henrey in the Fallen Idol. Ralph Richardson was Baines the butler.


  4. Floyd Thursby says:

    Ted Donaldson in “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.”


  5. Tim Doherty says:

    Ted Donaldson?


  6. Mary Mallory says:

    Ivan Jandl in THE SEARCH.


  7. Mary Mallory says:

    Oops, no, it ‘s Bobby Henrey in THE FALLEN IDOL.


  8. Don Danard says:

    Bobby Hendrey in “The Fallen Idol”


  9. Dan says:

    Bobby Henrey in “The Fallen Idol.” Incredible staircase in the entry hall set.


  10. Sarah says:

    At last I know what film this is! The Fallen Idol, 1948, Bobby Henrey.


  11. Jenny M says:

    Bobby Henery in the Fallen Idol


  12. Patrick says:

    Jon Whiteley in “The Spanish Gardener” from 1956.


  13. After a week of staring at the backs of heads, a way more obvious entry: Bobby Henrey in Sir Carol Reed’s The Fallen Idol.


  14. Megan says:

    Bobby Henrey.


  15. Gregory Moore says:

    Bobby Henrey in “The Fallen Idol”


  16. Eve says:

    Is that wee Bobby Henrey in The Fallen Idol?


  17. June says:

    Bobby Henrey from The Fallen Idol


  18. Greg Clancey says:

    Bobby Henrey in “The Fallen Idol”.


  19. Mike Hawks says:

    Bobby Henrey in FALLEN IDOL.


  20. Patrick says:

    I was still half asleep when I answered earlier; can I take another shot? Monday = Bobby Henrey from “The Fallen Idol” from 1948.


  21. Bobby Henrey from “The Fallen Idol”


  22. ValleDave says:

    Monday’s lad is Bobby Henrey in “The Fallen Idol”


  23. I’m surprised no one has got this yet. Ralph Richardson in “The Fallen Idol”.


  24. M K Buzzell says:

    Too easy! Bobby Henrey from Carol Reed’s THE FALLEN IDOL (1948)


  25. Chrisbo says:

    Bobby Henrey in “The Fallen Idol”


  26. David Inman says:

    Bobby Henrey in “The Fallen Idol.”


  27. DeweyWebb says:

    Britisih whatever it is


  28. Tuesday, on the left, is Dandy Nichols, who later played the original “Edith Bunker” character in All in the Family.


  29. Patrick says:

    Tuesday = Dandy Nichols and Joan Young


  30. Mary Mallory says:

    Ethel Coleridge and Joan Young.

    Let’s have more silents!


  31. Don Danard says:

    Please! No more Back of the Head Guy!!


  32. Chrisbo says:

    Tuesday: Dandy Nichols and Joan Young


  33. Patrick says:

    Wednesday = Bobby Henrey, Michele Morgan and Ralph Richardson.


  34. Don Danard says:

    Today, it’s Michele Morgan and (Sir) Ralph Richardson with the young lad.


  35. Mary Mallory says:

    Bobby and Michelle Morgan.


  36. Mary Mallory says:

    Ralph Richardson too.


  37. Wednesday, along with Bobby Henrey, Michele Morgan (still with us at 93) and, from the back, Sir Ralph Richardson. For Tuesday, I meant to say that Dany Nichols played the Edith Bunker roll in All in the Family’s British predecessor, ‘Til Death Do Us Part.


  38. Chrisbo says:

    Wednesday is Henrey, Michele Morgan, and the back of Ralph Richardson.


  39. Mike Hawks says:

    For wednesday we have Bobby and Michele Morgan and back of head Ralph Richardson.


  40. Karen says:

    Finally! “The Fallen Idol” — which makes our latest guests Bobby Henrey,Ralph Richardson and Michele Morgan.


  41. Rick says:

    Michele Morgan The Fallen Idol


  42. Rick Scott says:

    Wednesday….the return of “Back-of-Head Guy” is Ralph Richardson in “The Fallen Idol.”


  43. Patrick says:

    Thursday = Sonia Dresdel


  44. Chrisbo says:

    Thursday is Sonia Dresdel about to come to an untimely end.


  45. Don Danard says:

    Today’s Mystery Woman is Sonia Dresdel.


  46. Benito says:

    The Fallen Idol. Never could sit through the whole movie, but Wednesday’s lady Michele Morgan is worth watching. PS Gotta love Tuesday’s “pepper pot” ladies.


  47. Mike Hawks says:

    Sonia Dresdel is about to have a very bad day.


  48. Mary Mallory says:

    L to R, Geoffrey Keen, Denis O’Dea, and Jack Hawkins.


  49. Don Danard says:

    Friday’s trio look like a rather young Geoffrey Keene, Denis O’Dea and Jack Hawkins.


  50. Patrick says:

    Friday = (l to r) Bernard Lee, Denis O’Dea and previous Back of the Head Guy Jack Hawkins.


  51. DeweyWebb says:

    Jack hawkins


  52. DeweyWebb says:

    The Fallen Idol


  53. Gary Martin says:

    I am amused by the reader’s comment that this week’s mystery is “too easy” and I guess it is as all the usual suspects have written in with the correct cast and title. Apparently I was out of town the week this film played: I do not know what it is nor have I ever seen any of these actors before …excepting a very young Jack Hawkins. (Friday, right.) I do suspect, however, that it is a British film. And that makes it all the more amusing to me because growing up in Kansas during the mid fifties, when TV was a young medium, before there were Late Shows, we were fed a steady diet of British programers. Nope. I must have fallen asleep the night this played. …as I often did with programers. Ah well, Monday is another week.


  54. Mike Hawks says:

    Today in order left to right are Bernard Lee, Denis O’Dea and Jack Hawkins.


  55. Chrisbo says:

    Geoffrey Keen, Denis O’Dea, Jack Hawkins. (Disappointed that Torin Thatcher did not make an appearance)


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