Pacoima Man Killed With Jack Handle in Gang Fight

July 18, 1963, Comics

Benito Mendivil Jr., 19, 10606 El Dorado Ave., had left his Pacoima gang for a rival one in San Fernando.

On the night of Sunday, July 14, 1963, he had just driven away from his home in a car carrying his aunt and girlfriend when a car full of youths from his former gang pulled in front of him and forced him to stop, The Times said.

Grabbing the handle from a bumper jack, Mendivil got out of the car and a fight began. By the time it was over, someone had taken away the jack handle and beaten him to death with it.

10600 block of El Dorado Avenue

The 10600 block of El Dorado Avenue via Google Street View.

July 17, 1963, Gang Killing
Reyes Villavicencio, 21; George Ornelez, 20; Raymond Barela, 22; and Steve B. Hernandez, 18; were charged with killing Mendivil.

The Times reported that there were threats against Mendivil’s girlfriend not to testify and vandalism at his home, apparently by the defendants’ fellow gang members.

They pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and were sentenced to 1 to 10 years in prison.

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