The Death of Ted Healy — Part 6

"Our Relations"
After the breakup: Betty Braun Healy with Stan Laurel in “Our Relations” (1936).

In case you just tuned in: We have been focusing on the life of Betty Braun Healy, Ted Healy’s first wife. She is the only one to protest the official ruling that Healy died of natural causes. She’s the one who says people are being protected, that there is a cover-up, that she is being blacklisted for not keeping quiet, etc., etc. Healy’s sister, Marcia, and widow (also named Betty) call her nothing but a publicity seeker.

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It seems that “A Night in Spain” was the last show to pair Ted Healy and Betty Braun Healy, at least on Broadway. On Oct. 30, 1927, The New York Times (behind a paywall) reported that while appearing in the show, they were producing a new “singing, dancing and comedy revue for the Keith Albee theatres” with a cast of 16. The Times never followed up on the story, however.

A  brief published April 26, 1931, (behind a paywall) reported a charity benefit hosted by George Jessel starring: “Lou Holtz, Fannie Brice, Bill Robinson, Grace Hayes, Ted Healy, Jean Aubert, Jack Osterman, Burns and Allen and Betty Healy.”

Then Betty Healy sued for divorce in January 1932.

An Aug. 20, 1932, obituary notes the death of Betty Healy’s mother, Sarah E. Braun, of Stamford, Conn., on Aug. 29, 1932, and lists her and her brothers Sam and Moody as survivors.

A Sept. 26, 1933, Associated Press story (via the New York Times) reports that Betty Healy is being sued for not paying the mortgage on property in Stamford, Conn.

And on Nov. 10, 1936, The Times reports that Betty Healy is appearing in the Laurel and Hardy film “Our Relations.” IMDB lists one more film credit for her, a small part in the 1937 film “Sophie Lang Goes West” at Paramount.  And that is all.

To be continued.

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2 Responses to The Death of Ted Healy — Part 6

  1. Homer says:

    One story when Ted was starting out with Moe & Shemp, Betty Healy asked Ted to give her brother-in-law (Kenneth Lackey) a job of some kind. He ended up being the 3rd Stooge but was very inexperienced and Ted replaced him with Larry in a few months. This article (1984) talks about it and mentions Healy was beaten to death.

    Story as told by Moe Howard in the DVD extras on “Stooges The Men Behind The Mayhem” as a radio interview


    • lmharnisch says:

      This is the kind of story that really sets off alarm bells because there’s so much that could be wrong: The informant is the widow and the events occurred “long before we had even met.”

      And then she says: “To tell you the truth, we never really discussed it all that often.”

      I don’t have time to fact check this story, but I wouldn’t trust it at face value.

      More important, I don’t see any relation between Lackey and Betty Healy. Her mother’s obituary lists two brothers, Sam and Moody, and Lackey’s obituary only mentions a sister.


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