Millennial Moment: Animator in Jail After Oscar Awards Attack on Officers

April 12, 1983, Oscar Arrest

April 12, 1983: Oscar-winning animator Zbigniew Rybczyński, 34, is in custody on charges of battery after he allegedly kicked a security guard in the groin outside the Academy Awards ceremony at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion — and then kicked a deputy in the groin while being taken into custody.

Rybczyński, who did not speak English, won an Oscar for the eight-minute film “Tango.” Officials did not know of a motive for the attack, The Times said.

Oh look at this:


“IMDb “may not be a reliable source for biographical information.” From Wikipedia!

Peter Lorre’s daughter Catharine testifies in the Hillside Strangler case that she was stopped on Highland Avenue just off Hollywood Boulevard in 1977 by Angelo Buono Jr. and Kenneth A Bianchi, who picked up their victims by posing as undercover officers.

Lorre said that while going through her wallet, they saw a picture of her famous father and let her go.

A psychiatric evaluation is ordered for Michael Miller, 20, who is charged with raping and killing his mother. an incident detailed in Dennis McDougal’s book “In the Best of Families.”

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2 Responses to Millennial Moment: Animator in Jail After Oscar Awards Attack on Officers

  1. Stacia says:

    I correct Wikipedia literally every time I go there. Lately, I’ve been having to remove sources, because editors use a trick where they write something as a fact, give it a footnote, but if you follow the footnote to the webpage used as a source it says nothing about the “fact” that it’s supposed to prove. Often, if I correct something, someone puts the mistake back in out of spite. Sure, the IMDb has mistakes and I know from experience they are difficult to correct, but Wikipedia is more insidious.

    Thus concludes my Wikipedia rant for the day!


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