Black Dahlia: The Non-Smoking Gun – George Hodel Files Part 26


Hodel and some man talking about colors! Hard to understand!! Talking low!!!! Talking about plastic bottles!!!!!!

March 15, 1950: Another day of ringing phones and hard to understand conversations at the purported Murder HQ of Dr. George “Evil Genius” Hodel.

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Yes father. I was in Mexico trying to work up a business down there.


Expecting a message from Mr. ? of Tibet!!!


Girls talking about having babys and how to keep from having them!!!!!

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7 Responses to Black Dahlia: The Non-Smoking Gun – George Hodel Files Part 26

  1. David Klappholz says:

    This gets more and more exciting as time goes on, but it’s easy enough to delete. Do you really think that anyone on the other side is reading any of this? If not, what’s the point of preaching to the choir over and over and over again?

    PS How did the session with Tony go? (We would have listened, but we aren’t in LA.)


    • lmharnisch says:

      David: The transcripts are boring, tedious and dreadfully mundane. That is the point. I decided to post them after reading again and again what they supposedly show, based on statements that are cherry-picked and passed off as something incriminating. Taken in whole, they are dull. That’s the point.

      As for who reads them, that’s impossible to say. They are available to anybody who is curious. Who knows, maybe they will be turned into a dramatic reading!

      I can’t wait to be done with them and get back to writing about something else.


      • David Klappholz says:

        Why not simply post them all to a website and advertise their availability widely? (It’s hard for me to believe that anyone on the other side is reading these; if someone is, please post a comment with your opinion of what they say about the case.)


      • lmharnisch says:

        David: That’s what I’m doing. Google will do the rest.


  2. LC says:

    I have to assume that Dr. Hodel’s son has read through these transcripts, it would be interesting to know his interpretation. Do you suppose he would read between the lines and come out with a more lurid tale about his father?


    • lmharnisch says:

      Cherry-picked “incriminating” excerpts appear in one of the many editions of “Black Dahlia Avenger.” I have two versions and refuse to devote any shelf space to acquiring more of them.

      The fact that “Black Dahlia Avenger” continually refers to them as tape recordings when they are clearly wire recordings — done with an extremely troublesome and problematic machine — doesn’t speak well for accuracy or powers of observation, however.


  3. Rotter says:

    I miss Ellen!!


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