Witzel Photo – Found on EBay


A glass slide for the apparently missing film “Neptune’s Bride” has been listed on EBay. Notice the use of a Witzel photo of Pluvia. The slide is listed as “Buy It Now” for $74.99.

July 25, 1920: Pluvia in “Neptune’s Bride.”


July 4, 1920: Filming is completed on “Neptune’s Bride.” It was being cut and assembled at the Bernstein studios in Boyle Heights? How interesting.


July 25, 1920: “Neptune’s Bride” enters its second week at Philharmonic Auditorium.

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1 Response to Witzel Photo – Found on EBay

  1. Eve says:

    Ah, the lovely Roxy Armstrong. I don’t know which name sounds worse, Pluvia (“Warning: side effects of Pluvia can include stroke, heart attack, worsening depression, uncontrollable gas, cross-eyedness and spontaneous combustion”) or Roxy Armstrong (Tonight’s ‘rasslin’ match features Roxy Armstrong vs. The Fabulous Moolah!”).


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