C.C. Pierce – Found on EBay

Angels Flight by C.C. Pierce
A photo of Angels Flight listed on EBay with bids starting at $2.50.

This image Angels Flight is one of several C.C. Pierce photos up for auction on EBay. To me, one of the most interesting things about the Pierce photos is his annotations on the back, and I particularly like what he said on this one, despite the mistakes.

Some of the Pierce photos on EBay: Central Park (Pershing Square) | Ralphs Grocers 6th and Spring

This image of Angels Flight is also online at part of USC’s digital collection of Pierce photos.

Angels Flight by C.C. Pierce

The Angels Flight Ry (railway) was built by Col. J.F. (actually J.W.) Eddy in 1901 and service started in November of that year. Mr. Eddy promptly advertised it as “the shortest railroad in the world.”

Its length from Hill St. to Olive is 438 ft. The vertical lift up the hill is 125 ft.

The cars seat 32 passengers and this little railway has always been a money-maker. The schedule of fares is as follows: 2 rides for 5 cents, 4 for 10 cents, 15 for 25 cents 50 for 50 cents.

The big house at the top of the hill at the left is the home of C.F. Crocker. This was replaced by the Elks Temple in 1908.

Someone else notated: Still operating in 1961.

Pierce was slightly wrong in that although Angels Flight was under construction in November 1901, it formally opened on New Year’s Eve 1901 with an inaugural ride by Mayor Snyder.

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1 Response to C.C. Pierce – Found on EBay

  1. Sam Flowers says:

    My father took me on rides there in the early 50’s and over to Grand Central Market. I loved those memories and one day I was on jury duty, on a civil trial, just when the Angels Flight reopened, during lunch I went on it and over to Grand Central Market. Made me very happy to do both. I wished that Angels Flight had been relocated to Travel Town so everyone could ride it.


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