Found on EBay: The Ma Duncan Trial


Rare (or r@re) is terribly overused on EBay, but this time it’s accurate. A LP from clandestine recordings made at the murder trial of Elizabeth “Ma” Duncan, has been listed. Bidding starts at $5. The Duncan case (she was convicted of killing her daughter-in-law for really bizarre reasons) is one of the strangest killings of the era.

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8 Responses to Found on EBay: The Ma Duncan Trial

  1. Eve Golden says:

    “alleged demons of incest . . .dramatically violent parricide . . . mad desire for revenge . . .” Goodness! Was anyone hurt?

    (I seem to remember the Alleged Demons of Incest opened for the New York Dolls at CBGB’s in ’82 . . .)


  2. Eve Golden says:

    I was being “wry,” dear.


  3. Sounds like something you wood BID on, LH?


  4. Sam says:

    Is there anywhere on the Internet to listen to it?


    • lmharnisch says:

      I’m not aware of a recording being on the Internet. I have the album, but I won’t be putting it online.


      • I actually have new information on the Ma Duncan case that would have changed the outcome…I recently emailed the LA Times to see if they were interested. That LP has Augustine Baldonado’s voice on it, if I am correct. Augustine’s son, Roland heard his father’s voice only once and it was during a presentation at the Ventura County Chamber of Commerce where it was played.


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