John Barrymore Dies at 60

May 30, 1942, J

My 30, 1942, Comics

May 30, 1942:  Actor John Barrymore, known as “the Great Profile,” dies at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital 10 days after collapsing during a rehearsal for Rudy Vallee’s radio program. He was 60 and was suffering from liver and kidney problems, plus pneumonia.

With him when he died were his brother Lionel; former reporter Gene Fowler, the author of the Barrymore biography “Good Night Sweet Prince”; actor Alan Mowbray; and artist John Decker. His daughter Diana had visited a few hours before his death, The Times said.

May 30, 1942, John Barrymore Dies
May 30, 1942, Barrymore Dies

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7 Responses to John Barrymore Dies at 60

  1. CatM says:

    The headlines are giving me the giggles. It looks like we’re invading France BECAUSE of Barrymore’s death.


  2. Eve says:

    LOVE John Barrymore. He was a “ham” in the very best sense of the word: in comedy, he could do more with one quirked eyebrow than most actors could with a bakery full of thrown pies; and for drama, catch him in Dinner at Eight or Counselor at Law.

    Lionel, though; feh. Lionel had two settings: “crotchety” and “twinkly.”


  3. Scatter says:

    We don’t invade France until Jerry Lewis dies and their fighting spirit is broken. Again.


  4. it’s a pretty wild obit– loved the detail about the radio show. And those subheads! “Sinking For Days”


  5. Rotter says:

    To quote FDR: “These men need to have their wits sharpened”


  6. aryedirect says:

    Beginning to suspect that John Barrymore’s arch performances in his last years had more to do with the long term health effects of alcoholism than from drinking while working. By the late thirties, he seemed to suddenly age and come apart before our very eyes. Imagine a man of his intellect watching that happen to him and not be able to do anything about it.


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