Suspect in After-Hours Sex at Museum: ‘I Get Around’

Image: The Charleston Museum, where Michael L. Miller was arrested on charge of having sex at 3 a.m.

Neale Gulley of Reuters reports that the Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum in Buffalo, N.Y., is building Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1927 design for a gas station for $15 million. It won’t be a functioning gas station (those overhead gas tanks are a problem) and will be indoors, so we’ll never find out if the roof leaks – like some of Wright’s other buildings.

Robin Pogrebin of the New York Times writes about the renewed interest in Latin American Art.

“Latin America is hot, whether you’re talking about Bogotá, Colombia; São Paulo, Brazil; or Buenos Aires, Argentina,” said Glenn D. Lowry, the director of MoMA. “You’ve got institutions with a longstanding interest, biennials, art fairs, new collectors and other institutions that have become increasingly aware of how important Latin America is to any global conversation.”

Joy Wallace Dickinson of the Orlando Sentinel looks at the history — and the future — of plastic lawn flamingos. And the new colors are Divine!

Scott Streater of Greenwire (via the New York Times) uses the closure of the Indian Arts Museum in Grand Teton National Park to examine the Park Service’s care of Native American Artifacts.

A report issued last summer by the nonprofit National Parks Conservation Association noted that more than half of the Park Service’s 80 million museum artifacts were uncataloged, and that another 28 million objects were at risk of decay or loss.

The L.A. Daily Mirror and L.A. Crime Beat curated by the tireless bots a

Schuyler Kropf of the Post and Courier reports that a woman from Folly Beach, S.C., (no, really!) and Michael L. Miller were arrested Oct. 14 on charges of having sex in the Charleston, S.C., Museum at 3 a.m.  Miller was released from prison in 2008 after pleading guilty to supplying cocaine to former South Carolina Treasurer Thomas Ravenel. In response to a query from Kropf, Miller emailed: “What can I say, I get around.”

Kim Murphy of The Times has an interesting nondupe on a rare automated fortune teller in Virginia City, Mont., that’s not for sale even though the town could use the money.

Timothy R. Smith of the Washington Post takes a brief look at three books on the history of food.

Kristi Oloffson of the Wall Street Journal writes that Monmouth University is establishing an archive of Bruce Springsteen material. The items had been in the Ashbury Public Library, which couldn’t accommodate the 15,000-item collection. Here’s a report from My9TV – or WWOR for traditionalists who insist on call signs.  I wonder if it will have a Robert Hilburn wing.

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