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Oct. 24, 1871, Chinese Massacre

Oct. 24, 1871: Riot and Massacre of Chinese in Los Angeles. Daily Southern Cross of Auckland, New Zealand, Dec. 9, 1871

Coming up this week on the Daily Mirror:

On Monday,  Eve Golden has a roundup of unusual obituaries in Queen of the Dead and Mary Mallory looks at Hugh Herbert, Hollywood’s original Woo Hoo man, in Hollywood Heights.

I’ll also be running original accounts from 1871 for the 140th anniversary of the Chinese Massacre, which occurred Oct. 24, 1871.

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2 Responses to Next Week on the L.A. Daily Mirror

  1. Hugh Herbert’s hands were instruments of strange beauty. He was one of the first character actors I made sure to learn his name. Still smile every time I see his “wu hu” (the Chinese version) face.


  2. PS: Out of character in the photographs I’ve seen, Mr. Herbert seems quite urbane. Quite in contrast to his excitably funny screen personality.


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