Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated++]

Aug. 27, 2011, Mystery Photo

Here’s another mystery photo, courtesy of Steven Bibb!

[Update: Nobody has even attempted to identify our mystery lady. I guess I’ll leave her as an unknown for now. ]

[Update 2: I stand corrected, thanks Dewey! There were two guesses. This is Patricia Dane!]

May 19, 1942, Patricia Dane

May 19, 1942: Patricia Dane appears in “Rio Rita” with Abbott and Costello.

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4 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated++]

  1. Rick Scott says:

    Olga San Juan (the former Mrs. Edmond O’Brien)


  2. Gary Martin says:

    Iris Adrian.


  3. dewey webb says:

    Am I missing something? If two people posted guesses (apparently wrong), why the statement “Nobody has even attempted to identify our mystery lady.”? And why continue to conceal her identity? If no one recognizes her, no one recognizes her. Spill already!


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