Time Traveling With the L.A. Daily Mirror [Updated]

Pier Angeli, Clock

Photo: Pier Angeli and friend with a reminder on Daylight Saving Time, 1958

I decided to import my old lmharnisch blog, devoted mainly to dissecting “The Black Dahlia Files” by Donald “Fake Document” Wolfe. Now there are posts going back to 2005 – with some major gaps. There may also be some copies of posts I did for the 1947project. None of the posts are tagged, so I’ll have to go back and do that manually…. Enjoy!

[Update: Here’s one of my favorites posts from the archives: Steve Hodel’s “Black Dahlia Avenger,” inscribed to James Ellroy, for sale on EBay in 2006. No really!]

About lmharnisch

I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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1 Response to Time Traveling With the L.A. Daily Mirror [Updated]

  1. Eve says:

    The evil, demonic eyes of Pier Angeli’s dog terrify me. Why is it pointing to the 2? What does it want from me? Why that leer on its face?


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