Fourth of July, 1961

July 4, 1961, Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
For the Fourth of July, 1961, we have a group of eight-column pages. Weren’t those the days? Newspapers are much narrower now and only have six columns.The Times has one photo, eight stories, a two-column index and a weather box.   The Milwaukee Sentinel has a photo, 11 stories and an index. Oddly enough, the Miami News looks more like what newspapers were doing in the 1970s and it holds the record for different column widths: one-column,  two-column and a bastard measure of five on eight.The Sentinel promises a “4th with all the trimmings,” which I thought only happened at Thanksgiving.

And Everybody Is Using Upstyle Heds!

July 4, 1961, Miami News
Miami News

July 4, 1961, Milwaukee Sentinel
Milwaukee Sentinel
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
July 4, 1961, Toledo Blade
Toledo Blade

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