Immigrants Overwhelm San Diego!

June 13, 1941, Abbott and Costello

June 13, 1941, Immigration San Diego has everything a family might want: A moderate climate and jobs in the expanding defense industries. But there’s no place to live.

Rep. John H. Tolan (D-Oakland) is holding hearings in San Diego on the plight of migrants who came to California in hopes of getting a job but can’t find a home.Otis Porter, 39, of Pawnee, Okla., who earns $135 ($1,976.74 USD 2010) a month at the Consolidated Aircraft Corp., says he’s paying nearly $80 ($1,171.40 USD 2010) a month in rent for a one-room cabin for his family of eight.

Porter says: “I would rather be back in Oklahoma if I had a job.”

Eventually, the government will build the Bayview Terrace Housing Project for government workers.

That is where Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, stayed with the French family for the last month of her life.

June 12, 1941, Jimmie Fidler

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  1. Mary Mallory says:

    There’s not too many location shots to be seen IN THE NAVY. It’s an okay film, but seems long at 70-80 minutes.


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