End of Watch, June 13, 1991

randall_champe LAPD Officer Charles Randall “Randy” Champe gary_howe LAPD Officer Gary Alan Howe

The daily NewsWatch of the Los Angeles Police Protective League always honors the anniversaries of LAPD officers killed in the line of duty. For June 13, the union features the deaths of Officers Charles Randall “Randy” Champe and Gary Alan Howe, who were killed in 1991, when their helicopter had engine failure and crashed at Raymond and Vernon avenues.

The crash also killed  a man on the ground who was burned beyond recognition. John Doe No. 121 was  eventually identified as Lino Daniel Falguero, a 36-year-old furniture salesman.

Witnesses praised Howe, who was the pilot, for maneuvering the crippled helicopter away from a day-care center and an elementary school, crashing in a vacant lot. The officers were flying a 2-year-old Aerospatiale 350 B-1 and were scheduled to make a flyby at Main Street Elementary School as part of the DARE anti-drug program. According to the Los Angeles Times, the final words from the helicopter were Champe, saying: “We’re going down with an engine failure.”

At the time of the fatal accident, Police Chief Daryl F. Gates voiced concern that the officers’ deaths were eclipsed by public outrage over the police beating of Rodney G. King on March 3, 1991.

In 1995, the engine manufacturer agreed to pay the officers’ families $8 million.

Credit: Los Angeles Police Protective League

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