Found on EBay – 345 S. Broadway


This postcard showing the interior of the H.J. Whitley & Co. jewelry store, 345 S. Broadway, has been listed on EBay. The store opened on Dec. 9, 1903, (yes, just in time for Christmas)  and was a branch of the business at 111 S. Spring St. The store had a lavish opening, with floral decorations and an orchestra, The Times said.   “Smilax and asparagus plumosus was used in profusion in the windows and in the store, where the fine bouquets continued to rival the jewelry in attractiveness,” The Times said.  Bidding starts at $3.

Dec. 10, 1903, Whitley Jewelry


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One Response to Found on EBay – 345 S. Broadway

  1. Stacia says:

    I had to look up what Smilax was. Terrific name, kind of a bland looking vine — at least the versions I found online.


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