Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  May 28, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: This is Lisa Eilbacher in a photo published Nov. 24, 1977. Please congratulate JM Green, Cold in Phoenix, Barbara, Mary Mallory and Candy C for identifying her. ] 

Here’s our weekend mystery gal!

There’s a new photo on the jump!


  May 29, 2011, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

[Update: Lisa Eilbacher stars as Patty Hearst in this re-creation of the famous "Tania" photograph in front of the Symbionese Liberation Army symbol in "The Patty Hearst Story," a special three-hour drama on the ABC Television Network's "The ABC Sunday Night Movie," March 4, 1979. ] Apparently “The Patty Hearst Story” aired as “The Ordeal of Patty Hearst.”

Here’s another photo of our mystery gal!

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17 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo [Updated]

  1. Dewey Webb says:

    Stephanie Beacham


  2. Mary mallory says:

    Dinah Manoff.


  3. Julie Merholz says:

    Taffy Paul/Stephanie Powers


  4. gary martin says:

    Noreen Corcoran.


  5. Anne Papineau says:

    Emma Sams?


  6. jm green says:

    lisa eilbacher


  7. nikko says:

    candy clark?


  8. Cold in PHX says:

    Looks like Lisa Eilbacher to me.


  9. barbara says:

    Lisa Eilbacher


  10. juile says:

    Charlotte Rampling?


  11. Mary mallory says:

    Lisa Eilbacher in THE ORDEAL OF PATTY HEARST.


  12. Lumpy Rutherford says:

    I was pretty sure from the first picture it was one of the daughters from “Petticoat Junction.” But the Patty Hearst character looks nothing like any of them.


  13. Lorenzo says:

    Natasha Richardson in the movie Patty Hearst with Ving Rhames.


  14. Arye Michael Bender says:

    Natasha Richardson!


  15. JT says:

    Judith-Marie Bergan in “Abduction”?


  16. CandyC says:

    Lisa Eilbacher


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