Kennedy Pulls Even With Nixon in Poll

March 4, 1960, Elvis 
March 4, 1960: Nancy Sinatra greets Elvis!

March 4, 1960, Kennedy

March 4, 1960: Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) pulls even with Vice President Richard Nixon – even though Kennedy is Catholic! (More on the jump). 

March 4, 1960, Lugers

Our favorite Pasadena gun store has 7.65-millimeter Lugers starting at $29.95 [$214.55 USD 2009]. 

March 4, 1960, Cardinals 

The pope names the first African, Japanese and Filipino cardinals in part to reflect the diversity of the Catholic Church. 



March 4, 1960, Infertility

On the frontiers of medicine … a “maladjusted wife” may be the cause of infertility. 

March 4, 1960, Infertility

March 4, 1960, Dodgers

The rookie rave in Dodgertown is Phil Ortega, Frank Finch says.

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1 Response to Kennedy Pulls Even With Nixon in Poll

  1. Paul M. Mock says:

    Both Elvis and Nancy were heading to Miami to do the famous “Welcome Back Elvis” TV Special hosted by her father. It was quite an event.


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