Nixon Leads Stevenson, Kennedy in Poll

Jan. 27, 1960, Finch Trial
Jan. 27, 1960, Finch Trial
Jan. 27, 1960, Finch Trial

Jan. 27, 1960: A letter by the Finch family’s maid to her mother in Sweden recounts a conversation with victim Barbara Jean Finch:  “During the night, Dr. Finch tried to kill Mrs. Finch, who now absolutely wanted to have her divorce. Mrs. Finch told me everything in the morning.”

Jan. 27, 1960, Finch Trial

Jan. 27, 1960, Finch Trial
Jan. 27, 1960, Finch Trial 

Jan. 27, 1960, Parker

Describing Police Chief William H. Parker’s statement before the Federal Commission on Civil Rights, The Times says: "The chief remarked that Los Angeles is flooded with persons from all over the country, many of them with little or no resources when they arrive, 'many of them deliberately shipped here by officials of other localities who want to get rid of them.' "

Jan. 27, 1960, Nixon Poll

Jan. 27, 1960: Vice President Richard Nixon leads Adlai Stevenson 55%-45% in the latest Gallup poll. The results are a bit closer between Nixon and Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.), 53%-47%. The poll also finds that Stevenson does better than Kennedy against Nixon in the South

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