Santa Monica Dedicates Pier

Sept. 10, 1909, Cover

Sept. 10, 1909: Edward Henry Harriman, "the master builder of railways," dies after a long illness, but the news is withheld from reporters until the stock market closes. Cmdr. Robert Peary files Part 2 of his description of discovering the North Pole.
Sept. 10, 1909, Evan Williams
Evan Williams sings "Auld Lang Syne." RCA Victor records cost $23.67 to $35.51 USD 2008.

Sept. 10, 1909, Harriman
A map shows the extent of Harriman's railroad holdings.

Sept. 10, 1909, Harriman

"Los Angeles people were accustomed to think of E.H. Harriman as a distant magnate who owned some railroads away off somewhere. When the commercial associations of this city appointed committees to ask him for new depots, they always spoke of 'you' and of 'our city.' But in reality, it was more Harriman's city than theirs…. He controlled two, and probably all three, of the transcontinental railroads which connect Los Angeles with the East. He owned an even half-interest in the great Pacific Electric system, the greatest interurban trolley road in the world."

Sept. 10, 1909, Harriman
Harriman was "bold, astute and energetic."

Sept. 10, 1909, Peary
Smashed sledges and frostbite on Peary's trip north.

Sept. 10, 1909, Pier

"Admission Day's principal celebration in Los Angeles County yesterday centered at Santa Monica, where representative citizens gathered in thousands to join with the old city by the sea in the dedication of its municipal pier, which is declared to be the best of its kind ever committed to public use, and unique in many respects."

Sept. 10, 1909, Motorcycles

The Los Angeles Motorcycle Club holds its annual meet at Ascot Park. The winner of the five-mile race rode an Indian motorcycle.
Sept. 10, 1909, Hats
"While sleeping?"
Sept. 10, 1909, Santa Monica Pier

    "…gathered as it has been from every part of the world, there cannot fail to come out from California in the years and centuries to come, men that shall do honor to their progenitors, and do honor to the nation, of which this state shall be one of the most proud."


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