Nuestro Pueblo


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2 Responses to Nuestro Pueblo

  1. JScott says:

    These Nuestro Pueblo columns are genuine treasures. I’m particularly grateful for this one. Years ago, I obtained a vintage postcard of the 1909-10 post office/federal building, and looking back now, I realize that single object was the ultimate beginning of my fascination with old Los Angeles. As you might guess, then, I am truly appreciative of your blog! I read it every day, and more often than not, I learn something new and interesting about historical L.A. I was especially thankful for your series on Spring Street. Spring, Broadway and Temple Square are my personal obsessions of late, and you’ve contributed greatly to my knowledge of these long-lost centers of civic culture. Thank you so much for all your efforts here!


  2. JScott says:

    The grand “Million Dollar Post Office” on Temple Square was opened to the public 100 years ago today…


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