April 10, 1958


Half a century does nothing to erase the pain of this picture. The young man is David Greenstein and he’s being comforted by his mother, Gladys, after a coroner’s jury ruled that his slaying of his father, Rubin, was justifiable homicide.

Rubin and Gladys were separated and Rubin had come to her home, 16631 McCormick St., Encino, for weekend visitation. He became furious when David and his two younger brothers, Sherman and Barry, weren’t there and went looking for them.

He found Barry at a playground and took him back home. The Times said. David returned and got into a fistfight with his father that went from one room to another. Rubin and his son ended up in David’s bedroom, where the youth pulled a .45 from a drawer. In the struggle over the .45, David was shot in the arm and his father was shot in the throat, stomach and left side. Rubin Greenstein, 47, was dead by the time police arrived.

Update: Jan. 30, 2021 — Recent information indicates that Barry Greenstein was not at a playground and was not taken home by his father, but returned to the house after the shooting occurred.

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