Mystery photo


My good friends across the newsroom are having so much fun with L.A. Unleashed that I thought I’d add a special mystery picture, just for them. OK, who is our dog lover and, for bonus points, what’s the dog’s name?

  • Natalie Wood? Good guess. But no.
  • Carole Lombard and her dachshund, Commissioner? Excellent guess! But no.
  • Susan Hayward? Sorry, no.
  • Shirley Temple? Alas, no.
  • Bette Davis? I’m afraid not.
  • Audrey Hepburn? Interesting guess, but no.
  • Judy Garland? Sorry, no.
  • Ingrid Bergman? Alas, no.
  • Marie Prevost? Interesting guess. But no.
  • Joan Crawford? (Jessell Ranilla). Joan Crawford and Pupschen? (Heath Hewitt). Absolutely right. Very impressive. This is Mrs. Franchot Tone in 1936 with "Pupchen." Hey wait! Where’s your collar, Pupchen?!

Joan_crawford_1938_0206_pupchen_fil Los Angeles Times file photo

Here are some other photos of Crawford and her pets.

Photograph by Ray Graham / Los Angeles Times

Crawford and Lady in 1959.

Joan_crawford_1959_0528_ray_graham Photograph by Ray Graham / Los Angeles Times

Lady lies on the couch while Joan Crawford shares an intimate moment with Masterpiece IV.

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8 Responses to Mystery photo

  1. jaded says:

    Susan Hayward?
    –Sorry, no…


  2. Carol Gwenn says:

    A teenaged Shirley Temple?
    –Sorry, no.


  3. Grover says:

    The heiress to the Der Weinerschnitzel Fast Food Chain?


  4. Sheila Williams says:

    Betty Davis


  5. MAT says:

    Joan Crawford?


  6. Barbara says:

    Hope she treated her pets more kindly than she did her children!


  7. Vincent says:

    Wonder whether Joan got Pupchen from her onetime MGM studiomate Marion Davies. She and William Randolph Hearst loved dachshunds, and bred quite a few up at San Simeon.
    –The Times clips are most unhelpful on the origin of Pupchen. We do know that the dog was 1) insured with Lloyd’s of London and 2) 14 years old in 1944.


  8. J-Man says:

    I believe the dog from “The People’s Choice” was named Cleo, not Theo. It was voice by Mary Jane Croft, a frequent Lucille Ball costar.


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