Mystery photo

Los Angeles Examiner Negatives Collection in the the Regional History Collection of USC Libraries

OK, who are they?

  • Jerry Geisler and Lana Turner? (Chris Morales and Mike Mynahan). Yep, they were easy. Now for the fun part: Who are the other two people standing behind them?
  • It’s Nieson Himmel!! (Keith Thursby). Yes. It’s our own legendary Niesen Himmel, then of the Herald-Express. But who’s the woman next to him?


  • Kendis Rochlen (Veteran sports columnist John Hall). Rochlen, who wrote "Candid Kendis" for the Mirror, later went into TV.

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3 Responses to Mystery photo

  1. Linda Carole McIntyre says:

    Is this all there is?
    –I’m not exactly sure how you mean that…


  2. Don Murphy says:

    Barbara Payton
    –Sorry, no…
    –But she is identified. Thanks for reading!


  3. Jim Houck says:

    Who was Irwin Berke?
    –Good question. According to The Times clips, he was a producer at KCOP-TV Channel 13 and worked with an on-air personality named Tom Duggan in the late 1950s. Duggan quit KCOP after making some raw remarks on the air about Berke, George Jessel and a few other individuals. Berke plays a faculty member in the cinematic triumph “Sex Kittens Go to College.”


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