Bus strike ends



Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Julia Mendoza, left, and Florence Estrada dry a bus that has just come out of the wash rack in preparation for the resumption of service.

The bus strike ends after 54 days, the longest in Los Angeles history, The Times says. (A mechanics’ strike in 2003 shut down service for 35 days and a drivers’ strike in 2000 lasted 32 days). A 10-cent raise granted to bus drivers under their new contract brings their pay to $2.16 an hour. In December, another raise will bring their pay to $2.27 an hour. The drivers will now work a five-day, 40-hour week instead of a six-day, 48-hour week, The Times says. Drivers also won better pensions and vacations, better overtime pay and double time on holidays. Adjusted for inflation, the new contract brings the drivers’ pay to $15.70 an hour USD 2006. The average pay for a 48-hour week would have been $103.68; under the new 40-hour week, drivers will earn $90.80.

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1 Response to Bus strike ends

  1. Ed says:

    I’m curious about the spelling of “Busses.” What’s up with that?
    –Interesting, isn’t it? “Busses” is an old-fashioned usage. Like “clews” instead of “clues.” I’m not sure when we changed our style on it.


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