Drug bust


Oct. 19, 1957

Los Angeles

Perhaps you remember publicist Desmond Slattery from Paul Coates’ Aug. 22, 1957, column.
In brief, he was selling crickets as pets.

This time, however, his problem is roaches–or rather, a roach.

Slattery and his roommate, actor Scott Brady (real name Gerald Kenneth Tierney), were arrested at 8929 Hollywood Hills Road
in a major LAPD raid in which four officers, acting on a tip that drug
parties were being held at the home, recovered: the butt of a marijuana
cigarette and, yes, a single joint.

Aside from the humorous situation of Sgt. Marty Brennan from "He Walked by Night"
being busted for drugs, there’s a serious point here and not just the
relatively minuscule amount of drugs, compared to today’s arrests.

The district attorney’s office dropped the case because it would reveal
the identify of one of the narcotics details’ "most reliable
informants," The Times said. You might be asking why the police didn’t
think of this before they staged the raid. Me too.

"All I can say is a woman is the cause of it all," Slattery mourned,
according to The Times. "You can’t shake down every woman who comes
into your place."

OK, here’s how it went down. Promise not to laugh:

Brady "invited two girls up to blast some tea and get high," Sgt. John
E. O’Grady said. (Right daddy-O. Let’s throw on some hip platters and
groove to Kerouac. He is a real gone cat).

Slattery said neither he nor Brady knew the women, but that one of them
called and arranged for Brady to meet them in Hollywood.

Brady came home with a blonde and a Eurasian. When Slattery went into
the kitchen, he found the blonde jiggling the shutters as if she were
signaling police.

"They came in like the Russian army," Slattery said despite Brady’s warning against "talking too much," The Times said.

Police rejected the men’s allegations implicating the women. "The girls
had nothing to do with the narcotics charge," O’Grady said. "They were
brought there by Scott Brady from someplace in Hollywood. We released
them after we were perfectly satisfied that they had nothing to do with
the narcotics charge."

In December, however, an officer told prosecutors that to "disclose the
identity of the two women would be to unmask one of his most reliable
informants." The officer said he could not do that "in good
conscience," The Times reported.

In other words, police got complaints that Brady and Slattery were
throwing drug parties at the house. They had an informant contact the
men, go to the home, get the men to smoke some dope and signal the
police. The cops release the women and bust the men. Any lawyers in the
audience want to weigh in?

Brady, who died in 1985, had a long career in TV. The Social Security
Death Index lists a Desmond Slattery, born Sept. 19, 1914, who died in
Houston, Jan. 4, 1977.

Sgt. John O’Grady apparently became a private investigator and wrote the 1974 book "O’Grady,"
in which he recounted being a bodyguard for Linda Lovelace. Later on,
according to The Times clips, he was hired by relatives to find out
what became of missing "Cotton Club" promoter Roy Radin. California
death records list two men named John E. O’Grady, one of whom died in
in Los Angeles County in 1990 at the age of 68.

As for the two women, we don’t know. But you hipsters watch out for a blonde and a Eurasian. They’re with the fuzz.

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Bonus fact: John O’Grady also took part in the drug raid involving Saundra Maazel.

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3 Responses to Drug bust

  1. hehee…
    This was my great uncle Desmond Slattery. He was known to be a trouble maker. My grandma (his sister-in-law) hated him, I think.
    Thanks for the entertainment.


  2. P Sale says:

    True, Scott died in 1985.
    Desmond died 4th January 1977 at the Veteran’s Hospital in NYC, not Houston.
    The bust in Los Angeles that you have written, was due to the fact that the Sgt. of LAPD had a girlfriend that attended Scott and Desmond’s parties. He found out and scammed his way to their house to bust them out of vengence. Fred Otash, the late Private Detective proved this and got them out of jail. No charges stuck.


  3. A k says:

    More on Desmond Slattery here:
    For a while he was with Bro Jud (John Presmont) who would go on to found the Kerista community in San Francisco (1971-91). Per the article, Slattery had been a merchant seaman, a pilot for Pan Am, an Air Force officer, a hobo, a movie actor, a TV producer, but most of the time he preferred agicultural work in such odd corners as Tahiti, Japan, and South America.


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