Comic pages

Sept. 29, 1957
Los Angeles

Fifty years ago, The Times included Bible stories in the Sunday comics with a strip titled "Tales From the Great Book," drawn by John Lehti. This is a sample of his work, telling the story of Ruth and Boaz.



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1 Response to Comic pages

  1. pam s says:

    Do you have access to reprints of the old Brenda Starr comic, by Dale Messick? I recall that Ms. Messick was touted as the only female cartoonist in comics at the time. Unfortunately, I also recall that Brenda was not a staunch supporter of independent women. Still, I’d love to see some of the old strips again. There seem to be no books about the strip available through the Seattle Public Library system.
    Thanks for your time, and the fascinating blog!
    –Proquest is a wonderful resource that offers the entire Los Angeles Times (including the comics) from 1881 to 1986. You might ask the Seattle Public Library about a Proquest subscription.
    Thanks for reading,


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