Sept. 12, 1957

Los Angeles

There’s no telling what spooked Ben, but the horse was frightened and
galloped toward Nordhoff Street and Tobias Avenue in what was then the rural San
Fernando Valley.

The rider, Carol Goetzinger, 13, tried to
control him, but Ben dashed into the intersection and was hit by a
passing car with such force that the saddle was ripped from his back
and landed on the hood.  Ervy Zeke Gill, 29, the driver of the
Chevrolet that struck Ben, said he swerved but was unable to avoid
hitting the animal.

Carol, 14931 Community St., Van Nuys,
was taken to Valley Hospital for treatment of bruises and a broken leg.
She sobbed when she was told that Ben, whom she had for six months, had

Did she ever ride again? Did her parents ever buy her another horse? It would be interesting to know.

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