Mystery guest revealed

Anthony Brancato, killed Aug. 6, 1951, 1648 N. Ogden Drive, Hollywood, along with Anthony Trombino in the “Two Tonys Murder.” Jimmy “The Weasel” Fratianno eventually confessed to the killings.

Photograph by John W. Wilson Los Angeles Times

And what did mobsters carry in their wallets in the 1950s? Trombino had a bunch of baby pictures.

Photograph by Clay Willcockson, Los Angeles Times

When Willcockson went to take the “crime doesn’t pay” toe tag shot in the Los Angeles County morgue, the medical examiners were busy performing the autopsies on Brancato and Trombino. So the enterprising photographer borrowed the toe tags, put them on two other bodies and took his morgue shot. How do I know? It says so on the back of the photo.

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