July 14, 1957
Los Angeles

The very name connotes elegance in home electronics: The Granada Hills.

Really. And an early American TV at that, back in the days when television sets were supposedly to look like fine furniture instead of big black boxes. And if you’re really fancy, you might want the Palmdale.



Here’s the entire ad:




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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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3 Responses to Branding

  1. Joe D says:

    Didn’t Victor Mature own a big appliance store somewhere in L.A?
    –That sounds vaguely familiar but I don’t have the answer at the tip of my fingers. Let me check.


  2. Tommy Crosson says:

    These brought back many memories. My father, started our family’s chain of 34 retail stores, called, Tommy Crosson’s PLATT DISCOUNT STORES. We were the biggest advertiser in the Mirror in the 50’s.
    Victor Mature, to my knowledge, never owned an appliance store.
    Charlie Nicholson and Harry Dorn were friendly (?) competitors.
    –Thanks for sharing.


  3. Robert Fast says:

    don’t think we ever met, I am the nephew of Paul Fast,
    Tommy Crosson’s partner. I met your father in 1950.
    (I left LA in 1968)
    Bob Fast


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