A Rediscovered Gem

I spent the evening listening to a concert version of Act III of “Siegfried” performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under Sir Georg Solti on April 16, 1980, which I haven’t heard since I recorded it off the air 25 years ago. It’s a pity the CSO doesn’t release something like this on CD because it’s a fabulous performance. Dennis Bailey as Siegfried; Berit Lindholm as Brunhilde; Franz Mazura as Wotan/the Wanderer; and Birgit Finnila as Erda. I don’t believe any of them made commercial recordings in those roles, although I could certainly be wrong.

For those who are interested, the recording is in the Rosenthal Archives of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, AV-CSO-360. Tell them I sent you.


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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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One Response to A Rediscovered Gem

  1. Lee Bailey says:

    Thank you much. My father Dennis, was extremely proud of this and Solti was too. It was definitely a highlight in his (Bailey) career. No he did not make an official recording of Siegfried but did a dvd/video of L’Incorinazione di Poppea from Glyndebourne with Maria Ewing and directed by Peter Hall. Thank you for your critique and taking time to post it.


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